Thursday, November 1, 2012

Technology Stories Or Reality? Five Technology That Will Occur in Your Lifetime

Sci-fi has motivated large numbers to look into the long run and just think about what it could really look like. Excellent authors like Jules Verne, and HG Water wells foresaw the use of Spacecraft, and submarines. Excellent thoughts like Leonardo Di Vinci, attracted plans of airplane, and choppers, half a century ago. Perhaps these five technology could probably happen in our own lifetime?

1. Holographic Television

Imagine viewing a film, without requiring a display. Holographic tv could substitute the way we see things these days, on our displays. Perhaps we could even feel as if we are inside the film itself.

2. Traveling Automobiles

There are already prototypes of flying vehicles, but later on our air could become a new road. These vehicles probably would be motivated by solar panel technology, and rebuilding the way we design our places.

3. Meals Pills

A increasing food problems could motivate us to create new ways on how to supply individuals. If reports are true, there probably be 12 billion dollars individuals by 2030, and a huge decrease in area through climatic change. Meals tablets could be one response, which have been used to supply jet pilots in area.

4. Intelligent Clothes

Our outfits of the long run may be artificial and smart. They could heated us when we are freezing, and act like air conditioner, when we are heated. They also could substitute the conventional materials like pure cotton, which need useful area to develop.

5. Power Free Pod Homes

Our views are modifying with a increasing inhabitants, a non-renewable petrol problems, and the decrease in area through increasing sea levels. A home later on could be lightweight and moving, with its own separate power source, New ipod nano technology, alternative types of, and the need for less area make this desire possible.

Flooded areas could become mini-pod places, where these moving pod like houses could fall into a framework over the water, developing mini-oasis's in a new increasing sea.

We may sometimes look at the long run with unease, but alternatives have been found in the past to fix similar concerns from our forefathers. Mankind is convenient, and innovative, and this one reason these technology may appear later on, modifying the way we live.

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