Thursday, November 1, 2012

Medical Technology And Our Lifestyle

We are residing in the age of age of technology. In every stroll of lifestyle we have medical features and the innovation of researchers have created our lifestyle more relaxed, happy and easy for us than it was in previous times. Science has also offered to our everyday convenience. We feel terrified to think of old age groups when there were no teaches, no aircraft, no technology, no stations, no X-ray, no publishing idea and no means of enjoyment as films, TV, Etc. Really all these features have been gives to us by an remarkable improvement of technology in the this millennium.

Science has created wonderful success in the registered of interaction and locomotion. It has smaller some time to space. our speed of residing has been improved and we can create our business very quickly. Vehicles, teaches and aircraft protect long-distance within little time. The delivers and vessels travel on the outer lining area of big oceanic masses and protect long-distance in a few days. Now the world has not that dreadful strangeness about it as it had until the last few hundreds of years. Within a few hours we can fly around the planet in the most relaxed way. Air programmed train trainers have offered us the features of home. We can hurry resources of meals and towels and other things to overflow impacted areas or starvation hit places, within little time.

Scientific technology have also assisted man to increase the of meals, both in classifieds. Better techniques of manuring ans planting have been found and this has created our life more relaxed. We have found many new techniques of planning fabric. Hand looms have been changed by spiders and devices which can get ready a better high top quality of fabric in a smaller time. With this rise of outfits things, lifestyle has become very wonderful and fashionable.

Scientific technology have also delivered an excellent service to this sort of career. Medication professionals have allowed our physicians to battle illnesses in a more effective way. New drugs have been found by researchers and many dreadful illnesses which could not be treated in previous times like malaria, have been introduced under control. New techniques of cleanliness and the innovation of drugs like penicillin have assisted the physicians. The development of ultra-sound and MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) has significantly assisted the physicians in analysis the complex inner illnesses of body system.

With all these useful technology technology has also been abused in the hands of man. The innovation of nuclear weaponry and hydrogen weaponry may be mentioned as its dis-services. but technology, as knowledge or power, can't be held responsible for its neglect. It is for us to use this power for dangerous requirements or for beneficial aims; and it is only we who are to be held responsible for its neglect. We all should pleased to each members who offered us the excellent technology.

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