Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eight Natural Technology That May Modify Our World

1. Convenient House Windmills

Windmills can generate free power, but currently most wind flow farming "sell" electric powered units to regional Power Organizations, that profit from providing this to customers. If someone invents a transportable House Wind turbine, that can generate enough power for home use. Then we could avoid regional power companies, and become truly self-sufficient in our energy utilization.

2. House Hydroponics Farming Kits

Areas were area is not very effective or rare, often use the technological advancement motivated technique of hydroponics to develop your plants. The cost of this can be beyond reach to people, but if this was to change. Anyone with a small lot, could successfully develop your plants that could be sold over the counter or even help a household become more self-sufficient in food.

3. A cheap, effective Electric or Water operated Car

Innovators have already hundreds of proto-types of electrical powered or water operated Vehicles but they have not been massed created yet. One car designed in Asia operates on unclean or water that is clean, but one disadvantage is that this car uses water, and does not reuse it. It has always been a secret to why significant vehicle produces did have the money, to generate an effective "Green" Car several decades ago, but recommended to generate fuel or diesel fuel cars. This failing has cause to many of these large organizations to face closing, or even nationalizations. A nationwide owned Automobile Market, could generate a Natural car, with current technological advancement, and transform itself as a success story of the new economic system of the long run.

4. Affordable, effective Solar power Board Kits

One Oriental centered company have been dispatching thousands of solar panel packages for Community and personal use for several decades. These packages include DIY packages for home use, while other packages can generate solar operated street lights, and even advertising boards. Many designed Nations have been slow to replicate this significant advance in self- adequate energy use. A secret considering it prevails, has been manufactured, and could make power for an incredible number of houses, and public programs throughout the World.

5. Wind operated Ships

Time is precious when it comes to Worldwide Trade, were usually Asian-based Producers had to get there goods on Western, and Northern American Shop racks quickly. This cause to faster, bigger package delivers that were still using old created energy sources.Times have changed, credit is rare in European countries and Northern America, and Commercial Nations in Asia are dispatching less. Perhaps its a chance to mothball these beast delivers, and use one very new advancement, a package deliver that uses sails. This deliver does cruise our ocean these days, it takes a few days longer to arrive at a location then a traditional freight deliver, but costs much less to transportation freight, and with its use the technological advancement will enhance. This may also cause to the restored use of wind flow operated delivers in travel and leisure, travel and even regional transportation, once this technology enhance.

6. New ipod nano Technology

Nano technological advancement is a technological advancement that makes everything less heavy, more powerful, cleaner more accurate and effective. The ipod is a way of New ipod nano technological advancement, so are less heavy notebooks and smaller more effective devices. Connecting New ipod nano Technology with Natural Power, could mean a new trend in production, were modern workplace and residential equipment offer more, while consume less energy.

7, Probes

Space discovery is getting ever less expensive and the main players are becoming growing Nations like Indian, Chinese suppliers, Iran and even Northern The philipines. This shows any country these days, could discover area, leading to the internationalization of commercial area items. One product is the use of probes; unmanned, spiders that can discover area or even not reachable places of Earth. Using New ipod nano technological advancement, these probes are inexpensive to use, and could find new planets, or new efforts within our own planet.

8. Health and fitness Products

As the planets population ages, the wellness Market is growing, even as our old economic system has successfully passed away. Many items are well known, others could arrive at our store racks in the next few decades. Many of these items may not be synthetically made, but come from overlooked or missing knowledge from the use of the nature around us. Local companies in many Chinese suppliers, already market many of these items regionally. It is only a matter of your energy and energy when researchers discover new wellness items, that could enhance our health, and even generate a less expensive alternative to the created in higher quantities drugs of these days.

The upcoming is shiny if we can make use of new technology that will only develop with use. Creators group with manufacturers could successfully make new sectors that not only help mankind, but generate the jobs missing due to the death of our old economic system.

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